The independent Film Co


Independent takes an holistic approach to the development, production and rights management of high quality Film and TV content.


The Film and TV industry is going through a period of major transition; the way content can be produced, distributed and enjoyed by the consumer is evolving rapidly. At the same time creating quality content across all mediums has never been more valuable. Independent’s expertise in production, distribution and marketing, combined with the company’s established industry experience and deep talent relationships, put the business in a strong position to take advantage of the changes that are happening within the industry. Independent tailors the combination of the traditional and the new to the specific needs of the content.


In practice this means, having a coordinated marketing approach across all stages of development, production and distribution and using both traditional and new media channels as appropriate. On the delivery side it means having the ability to go through both our own international sales and UK distribution companies where appropriate or partnering with both traditional and new distribution platforms to best reach the target audience.


Independent combines its own nimble infrastructure with established industry players, the company is currently working with, amongst others, BBC FILMS, BFI, Film4, E1 and ITV. the company is a recipient of the prestigious British Film Institute (BFI) Vision Award for development of new content.


On delivery Independent's partnerships range from the major US studios (Fox, Warners, Universal etc) to large regional distributors to online platforms (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon etc.).


Independent has a dedicated team of experienced professionals in Production, Distribution, Sales and Marketing.


Within the overall rights management approach described above, Independent has a number of companies handling specific traditional parts of the value chain for its own product and that of other producers:


The Independent Film Company Group is owned entirely by Living Capital and Luc Roeg, CEO.


The group’s films include We Need To Talk About Kevin (production, international sales), The Falling (production, international sales), Mr. Nice (production, international sales) Moon (executive producer, international sales), Starred-Up (international sales), The Sea (production, international sales, UK distribution) Metro Manila (UK distribution), Reality (UK distribution).